Five Points Youth Foundation – Organisers

The Five Points mission is to sustain, cultivate and self-empower our children, youth, adults and serve those with the greatest need in an effort to inspire and transform change for a collective better future. Five Points has formed, and are constantly growing regenerative relationships with agencies, organizations, groups and peoples throughout the global community to preserve cultures, promote education and encourage wealth creation models at the local level to impact neighborhoods, tribes, villages, towns and cities.

EarthShow 777 – Inspiration

EarthShow 777 is the spiritual entertainment infrastructure for planetary healing gifted to the world under the authority of His Innocent Majesty Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. EarthShow 777 provides Stand For Unity with the cultural tools to connect the message of unity in the community with the global audience created under the jurisdiction of the Pop Kingdom.

The Book of Change – Protocol

The Book of Change is the incubation legacy created by the survivors of the Underground Railroad to underwrite parallel worlds where future-proof social transformation can be realized in with zero-time with risk-free conflict management. The Book of Change is organized as a living scenario motion picture that is constantly being re-engineered for new beginnings in team development.