The Capstone

STAND FOR UNITY is a grassroots campaign inspired by the legacy of Michael Jackson to honor the universal symbolism of the Washington Monument. This campaign will feature the restoration of the capstone “benben” triangle as a dominant feature of unified consciousness, starting with the obelisk itself.

No other icon represents the ancient scope of benben civilization with more simplicity than the Washington Monument.

Since it was opened to the public on October 9, 1888, this iconic masonry obelisk has born silent witness to the evolving tapestry of federal and electoral politics.

But the underlying symbolism of this structure is still a matter of interpretation. Unlike the American Flag and the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument is primarily a statement about art. Its true meaning is defined in the imagination of the viewer.

Is this revolutionary marvel simply a tribute to classical architecture? What role should this ancient narrative play in a “post-modern” world? How do we reconcile this muted testimonial of the monolithic past when polarization, complexity and uncertainty are dominant forces in public life?

Given the social turbulence now emerging in the shadow of the Washington Monument, we take this time to remember that the essential message of “unity in the community” that is at the core of all sacred obligations.